Information & updates where you need them

Get updates on subscribed data sources and provide insight into shared links

Add to Slack

Stay up to date

Easily subscribe to data projects, datasets, and accounts to stay up to date with the data you're interested in. You'll get notifications in Slack, including:

  • Projects: When a new dataset, file, or insight is added

  • Datasets: When a file is added or updated

  • Accounts: When a user creates a new dataset or project

How to Subscribe

Subscribing is easy! Simply use the following commands:

  • Subscribe to a data project:

    / subscribe project_url

  • Subscribe to a dataset:

    / subscribe dataset_url

  • Subscribe to an account:

    / subscribe account

View the Details

Quickly expose important information on a dataset, project, or insight in your Slack conversations.

  • View the contents of a dataset, project, or insight and explore further

  • Navigate directly to a dataset file with fewer clicks

  • Subscribe easily with one click

Preview Queries

Dig into specific queries by sharing a rich query link:

  • View the entire contents of a query (SQL or SPARQL)

  • Click Run Query to run the query in with one click

What else can I do?

Using & Slack together, you can quickly and easily manage subscriptions so you can stay up to date without the clutter.

View your subscriptions

You can quickly see what you're subscribed to using the command:

/ list

How to Unsubscribe

Done following an account, project, or dataset? Unsubscribing is easy! Simply use the following commands:

  • Unsubscribe from a data project:

    / unsubscribe [owner/projectid]

  • Unsubscribe from a dataset:

    / unsubscribe [owner/datasetid]

  • Unsubscribe from an account:

    / unsubscribe [account]

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